The Raleigh State Fair 2012: Aftermath

Ok so as promised here are a few pictures from my adventure with the Raleigh State Fair 2012 last night. It was fun (as previously predicted) and although I truly did not want to remove myself from the comforts of my home, I got up and made it happen. Home buyers in Raleigh Durham, this is just a small taste of what you have to look forward to next year :)

Some Highlights of the night were:

-I won my daughter a goldfish… about 3 min later she drops the bag, it bursts, and there’s a fishy squirming on the ground! A crowd gathers to watch this poor fish struggle for air water, as I try my best to douse it with the contents left in the bottom of the bag. ( Um, yeah I wasn’t about to pick up a fish) But have no fear the nice lady from the carnival saved the day. She picked that little bugger up like a guardian fish angel and threw it in a different tank. We ended up getting a replacement.

-I ate funnel cake :) But I could not bring myself to spend $7.00 on a hotdog!! I mean come on Raleigh State Fair! I’m sorry but for $7.00 I can buy the whole pack plus some buns and a coke lol. Which actually took me to my next point… I ended up going to the store at 10:30pm because I was hungry and needed hotdogs, buns, and a coke (to be more specific it was Pepsi that I drank but who cares) lol

-My son and I played a wack a frog game and Mommy won him a prize. :) It was the smallest prize on the stand but I won it fair and square. Let me be proud :)

-Raleigh State Fair 2012 ended with some great fireworks. I loved being able to watch them with my kids… well one of my kids… the other left me to get on one last ride lol. O well all’s well that ends well.

Other than that it was a great time it was pretty much the average watch the kids go on rides, while I stand back and take pictures. Nothing too crazy, and I missed the pig action! Aw shucks, guess I always have next year!O and you’ve been warned… Some of these pictures are scary… You might want to cover your eyes

check out the Raleigh State Fair website to learn more about next year’s events.