Amazing Artistry

Ok, So apparently I must be getting old. It’s 10:18pm and I feel like its 2 in the morning. There was a time when I could stay up all night, do a speech in the morning, then come home and continue on with my day; still without sleeping. Those days are long gone… and thank God!! I mean my kids hate nap time and going to bed, but in all honesty, bed time is truly one of my favorite times of the day! Who doesn’t like getting into a nice, soft, comfortable king size bed, with no children in it the kids in it lol. I won’t lie, even though I like them in their own room, I enjoy the snuggles of my babies at night. So you might be wondering to yourself… Real Estate Wonder Woman… What does this have to do with selling my home?! The answer is…. Nothing. lol. Tonight I just wanted to share a picture with you. To make a long boring story into a short boringstory :) My beautiful mother decided to purchase a shirt for me. This isn’t just any shirt, but actually a work of art (no literally). The man behind this masterpiece actually paints your photo onto your shirt. He is not only a great artist but from our phone conversation, a really down to earth person as well. In honor of him I have dedicated tonight’s post to Amazing Artistry. I would like to find more artists that do unique work. If that is you let me know and I would love to feature you (and wear around your work :) So here is me…wearing ME :)

Real Estate Wonder Woman Shirt

The picture doesn’t do the shirt justice. I was standing awkwardly and smushed my face lol

Yes, the picture quality is sub par. And yes, my face is slightly smushed because of the way I was standing. So the shirt really isn’t being done it’s due justice, but it still looks great even with me destroying its beauty lol. So thank you Michael Cox and if anyone wants a shirt with their own face on it let me know. I’ll give you his number. You have to admit it is very original!

Good night all Ya’ll in Raleigh/Durham/Triangle

p.s (like my southern twang?? I can pretend right?)