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Last day of the State Fair in Raleigh NC

The North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh North Carolina has come once again. And in case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know the dates, it was from Oct 14- Oct 21. If you haven’t been to the fair yet, I suggest getting a move on. I personally have been avoiding it like the plague. Long lines, horse poop, pig races… It just hasn’t done it for me. I will admit though as a city girl, the idea of seeing pig races is one that is intriguing, but it hasn’t been enough to make me want to get up and drive the (1mi) distance to the fair. I’ve put it off long enough though. If I don’t make it today I will be in deep pig poop because my 8 year old will be on me like white on rice. The 2 year old could care less ( I like that kid :) but Zoe, O she’s another story. Not to mention I managed to finagle my way out of it last year. I am absolutely positive once I get there we will have a blast. It’s just getting that motivation to go is the hard part. I’ve got exactly 2 hours before we head out so wish me luck :) I plan on eating as much deep fried nasty as my body can handle :) If you’ve gone to the fair you should post some pics. I know I will as soon as I get back.

So if you see your Raleigh Real Estate Wonder Woman walking around… be sure to say “Hi” and point me in the direction of a great food stand.

Tuesday Food Day!!

Good Morning… Good Morning… How are you?!( In my head this was done in a sing song voice. If you didn’t sing it to yourself please re-read and apply :) )I hope everyone has gotten over their case of the Mondays, because we have officially begun (drum roll please…) TUESDAY FOOD DAY! A day that I’ve decided to dedicate to something we (literally) could not live without! Each week I will present you with a new food related item. It might be a restaurant that I have tried, might be a recipe that I have decided to share, might be just a picture of a burger… Ok it probably will always be more than that, but still anything goes! Why?? Because it’s TUESDAY FOOD DAY!

When I’m not out there being your Real Estate Wonder Woman, and fulfilling all of your real estate needs. I am out hunting for hidden gems within the Triangle.

With this being the start of an epic saga I figured we should kick it off right (football reference in case it went over your head lol), by telling you about one of my favorite hidden gems in the area.

Cloo’s Coney Island-2233 Avent Ferry Rd, Raleigh

In the Mission Valley shopping center

Hidden Gem

Ok here’s the deal. If you haven’t been there before, then you’re wasting time. Stop reading and go NOW! NOW! NOW!

I found this place a while back when I was having a craving for a Chicago style hot dog. Being a Chicago native but living in the south; It’s like finding the Holy Grail for me. Lots of places advertise “Authentic Chicago” but very few deliver. My first time going in I thought I was in heaven. I ordered the Chitown hotdog, cheese fries, and a cheesesteak with everything. :) O it was yum. It was Delcious. It was Outrageous. It was like a little piece of happiness with each and every bite…. Ok maybe I’m overexaggerating a bit but still it was honestly good enough for me to come back every day that week, and I’ve been going there at least 3-4 times a mt since then. The only downside that I know a lot of people complain about is the fact that you have to wait a little bit of time for your food. I myself am O.K with waiting so long as my food tastes great. I mean there is one cook (normally the owner), everything is made to order, and when the line gets long he is doing the best he can!

So if you (like myself) enjoy hot, yummy, greasy food :) This is the place to go! And if you go make sure you come back and let me know. I would love to hear what others have tried. Even though I’ve been going there for a while I have yet to order anything else because my go to is so great lol.

And Remember if you ever need help buying a home or selling your current home within the Raleigh/Durham area, Your Real Estate Wonder Woman Is Just A RINGwold Away!! (get it ring…ringwold…ring…ringwold… ehhh I think you get it) 😉