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Free family fun in Raleigh :)

Raleigh/Durham, I don’t know if you’ve realized this, but October is almost over! It feels like it just started :/ We are that much closer to the end of the world (if you believe in that whole Mayan calendar thing), and I haven’t even taken my brood  to enjoy any fun fall activities (aside from the fair). Hay rides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted houses, all of it just sitting there, waiting for me to visit. With the month almost gone I decided to do a little research to see exactly what kind of  family fun I could find in Raleigh. I found a few neat things, but then I decided I wanted to find all the free things and share them with you. I mean who doesn’t like free. My daughter has known that was one of my favorite words in the dictionary since she was 4. I don’t care who you are, where you are, or how much you have; Everyone likes the word “Free” :) So Raleigh here’s my Free family fun list. If you know of anything else please add it below in the comments.


Zoe halloween costume

Scary skeleton girl 2010

  • Howling Halloween Fun– Oct 30th. At East Regional Library in Knightdale. – Dress in your favortite costume for trick or treating, stories and crafts. starts at 6:30pm. Check out the library website
  • Youth Fall Fest– Oct 27th. Kids with inflammatory bowel disease can enjoy activities while their parents talk to medical staff and other parents. Hosted by Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Registration is required. From 9-11:30am at UNC hospital, NC Cancer Hospital conference rooms 1 and 4. See their website for more info.
  • Halloween at Western Wake Farmers Market- Oct 27th. Kids can wear a costume and enjoy a Halloween treasure hunt. 8am-noon. Morrisville Halloween
  • Creepy Crabtree- Oct 26th. Learn about bats, snakes, and spiders. Make crafts and listen to ghost stories. Tour the park after dark. 4-8pm. See more

*** Honorable Mention***Marbles Kids Museum, in Raleigh, is hosting a Kooky Spooky Halloween Party, a chance to play and be creative, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday. You’re invited to attend dressed in costume to join in on the night’s spooky activities, which include wrapping mom or dad like a mummy, a Monster Mash dance party, and mad scientist glow-in-the-dark lab experiments. Pre-purchase tickets for the event at the museum’s welcome desk or online for $8 for museum members and $10 for non-members. Tickets may also be bought on-site the day of the event for $10 for members and $12 for non-members. For more information, visit www.marbleskidsmuseum.org. It’s not free but it is cheap, and fun for the family.

So I meant for the list to go in chronological order. But I started writing before I started thinking I guess lol. So consider it as a brain exercise. Start at the bottom for events that are coming up soon. The higher the event on the list, the more time you have to plan. I think I will try my hardest to get over to the Fall Fest at the NC Art Museum. I mean. Food Trucks. One location. What more can you ask for?!

5 ways to Kill the sale of a home

It’s early morning. I’ve got my coffee and chocolate donut ( yeah… I’m not a very healthy person lol) and I sit down at my computer to start my day. First things first. I head over to the MLS and check the hot sheet. I like to see what the newest listings are, who expired, and who just sold. But as I sit there reading, I find myself rolling my eyes at times….

“Seller says sell!”  (Really?? I would never have guessed. Why else would the seller list their home? Just to have random people walking through their home, peering into their closets and opening kitchen cabinets to see what kind of stuff they have?) My favorite is “MOTIVATED SELLER!” hooked on to a listing that is more than likely overpriced by about $20,000 – $40,000.  How motivated can you possibly be? And if you really did have a motivated seller (i.e one that just commited a crime and needs to get out of dodge tomorrow lol) then as their agent you would legally be obligated to keep that to yourself… Ok.. I’m sure it doesn’t extend to crimes but still you know what I mean. If you have information on your seller that would cause them to be at a disadvantage you wouldn’t tell.

Truth is, while many sellers are ready to sell, some here in the Triangle are simply not motivated to do anything but KILL the sale of their home.  Here are just five ways sellers commit murder when it comes to selling their Raleigh/Durham home.

#5. Hindering Showings.  This seems silly. Why hinder showings?  I have no idea. But there are plenty sellers out there who: refuse to have a lockbox on their home, or demand the listing agent be present at all showings (making it very difficult to coordinate schedules for both agents plus the buyers and any other clients the listing agent may have), or who want an extremely narrow time frame.  Truth is, when taking buyers to multiple homes over a large geographic area like Raleigh, or anywhere in Wake and Durham County, it is impossible to peg down exact times; be satisfied when agents give a 2 hour window.  Inflexible sellers will discover their listing has gone into the circular file in lieu of easier homes to show.

Puppies are cute, but when selling your home, keep them confined…and odor free!

#4. Being a Stinky Pete. Homes that smell are generally not homes that sell.  Sellers who smoke, have pets, who need a dehumidifier, and have a love affair with Febreeze are not helping their cause. First step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. So fix it before Buyers walk in, plug their nose, and say “NEXT!”

#3. Thinking All Buyers Are Pet Lovers.  Benji and Lassi need to be restrained when buyers come.  Buyers who are greeted at the door with barks or hisses may wish to skip and go to the next home. Also realize some buyers may have allergies. So do what you can to help ease their fears. ( Like offering a carpet cleaning allowance or even better… NEW CARPETS (gasp!)

#2. Hiding Behind Door Number 3.  If a door is locked, and buyers can’t see behind it, they are going to assume something horrible and catastrophic is behind the door.  When someone is contemplating spending a $100,000 or more, they want to see what they are buying.

#1. Auditioning for the Next Season Of Hoarders.  Seriously, buyers do not want to tiptoe around your junk – and that is how they see piles of personal belongings. They do not see treasures, memories, and keepsakes. They see overwhelming piles of junk and may make the conclusion that the home lacks enough storage space.  The problem is escalated in the case of damp basements and storage: if your junk smells bad…you are not only a hoarder, but a Stinky Pete, too…a double whammy.

Nobody expects your home to look like Martha Stewart just left the building.  But by the same token, nobody wants to buy a home if all they see are mountains to overcome: mountains of mess, mountains of odors, mountains of challenges.

In this challenging real estate market, do all you can to make sure your home is neat, tidy, and available to buyers. And if you ever want an honest opinion of if your home stinks 😉 give your Real Estate Wonder Woman Kalyn Ringwold a call!

My Picks for Affordable Family Fun in the Triangle

Fall is winding to a close for most kids on the traditional school calendar here in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas…and really everywhere else in the country truth be told. Just a couple of weeks left to play outdoors, ride that new bicycle you got for your Birthday (or last Christmas). Thank God we live down south, and we still have 70 degree days in our future, but those days are rapidly coming to an end. Soon all the leaves will be gone from the trees, the weather will be chilly, and you will be sipping (spiced?) hot chocolate from the comfort of your home. So, what is a family to do in the final days of fall freedom? I’ve got some picks for you!

Spend an afternoon hiking at Raven Rock State Park

Located about 45 minutes from downtown Raleigh and just over an hour from Durham, is one of the most beautiful state parks the Piedmont region of North Carolina has to offer – Raven Rock State Park in Lillington (Harnett County). With miles of trails of varying difficulty (including some for horses!), options for picnicking, canoeing, or fishing, there’s something for every nature lover in the family. For the price of a few gallons of gas and a priceless journey, this might be one option to take the family to.

Go for an adventure at Adventure Landing in Raleigh or at Wheels Fun Park in Durham

If mini-golf, go karting, laser tag, and perfecting your baseball swing at the batting cages are your thing, check out Adventure Landing, especially on Friday nights. Their Friday Night Family Fun Night is a GREAT deal. For $24.99, a family of four can enjoy unlimited mini-golf, unlimited laser tag, and a large pepperoni pizza to curb the hunger after playing all those games! Not bad….and inexpensive too.

Don’t feel like trekking into Raleigh for all you can play mini-golf? Well, if you live in or around the Durham area, check out Wheels Fun Park. There you get all the same attractions and then some! Try your hand at skateboarding in the skateboard park, strap on some skates for some old fashioned roller skating, or check out their indoor play gym. Prices are relatively inexpensive. The smiles on the faces of your children …priceless.

Take the family to a NC State or UNC football game!

Grab your grill’s and head to either of the two college football teams we have in the Triangle. Whether you live in Chapel Hill or Raleigh or somewhere in between there’s some fantastic football to be had. Each stadium has its own schedule for additional family fun promotions so be sure to check each link.

Take your family (including the pooch) to Lake Benson Park in Garner

Being that the park is located just 10 minutes from downtown Raleigh and 30 minutes from the Durham or Wake Forest areas, Lake Benson Park is easy to get to and full of all kinds of options for family fun.

With 3 miles of trails spanning the park and its sister location, White Deer Park, you can jog, walk, or bike to your hearts content. There are two playgrounds for the little ones and an expansive field covering several acres for you Frisbee® throwers, football tossers, or if you just want to throw a blanket down for a picnic.

There you have it – a few of my favorites for family fun as the summer winds down. Of course, there’s plenty more to do in the Triangle. Please, if I missed your favorite activity/attraction, share your thoughts in the comments below.

In the meantime, you can catch me tailgating at the football games, enjoying a nice picnic at the lake, and looking out at the scenic vistas.


As always feel free to contact your Real Estate Wonder Woman for any other suggestions on things to do :)

www.RealEstateWonderWoman.com or kringwold@yahoo.com